Welcoming Research Methods students to the LARC pilot

This week the Research Methods course has entered a 3 week period of exploring various different approaches to educational research, and we are delighted to include Learning Analytics as one of the options that students can investigate. As part of this route, we’re offering Research Methods students the chance to try the LARC with their course data. It is excellent to have a different group of students on the LARC pilot, and the potentially different perspectives they may bring to the early stages of the project.

Research methods students have been asked to reflect on the following questions when using the LARC:

  • Does the report provide an accurate reflection of how you feel you participated?
  • How might it affect how you participate with the rest of the course, or engage in future online courses?
  • How do you feel about receiving ‘automated’ feedback generated by an algorithm, as opposed to feedback provided by a tutor?
  • To what extent do you feel ‘in control’ of the learning analytics process, given that you can choose which data to include in your report?
  • What do you feel about institutions collecting, storing, and potentially utilising this data? (N.B. this data will be collected and presented to you exclusively for this task, and we as a programme team do not analyse this data routinely.)