Initial data analysis

Early analysis of the pilot data is revealing some potentially interesting insights. Firstly, an examination of when reports are generated appears to be a useful question to ask of the data. Given that the LARC is intended to be a form of analytics that students can generate ‘at will’, evidence of regular interest is valuable. The following graph shows data from the first 9 weeks of one of the pilot courses, and perhaps most significantly the days of the week in which reports were generated.


What this shows is some regularity in the generation of reports, but also perhaps a tendency to make use of the LARC towards the beginning of the week. This is significant because the LARC works with weekly sets of data. In other words, Monday would be the first opportunity to view the report for the previous week.

Additionally important here may be the range of archived reports accessed each time reports are generated. So, while the LARC reveals data from the previous week’s activity, it also provides the means to look back at older reports. The following graph shows some of this activity from the same pilot course.


Here, while there appears to be a consistent generation of reports from the previous week, there also may be some interest in the archive, and comparing different reports. This may reveal some interest in considering progress over time, and how the reports might demonstrate alterations in behaviour.